Providing counseling,
support, information and
advocacy to families when
there has been a diagnosis
that may impact vision


Helping children and families
during time of diagnosis and
medical treatment


Connecting families to
community programs
and resources when they
are ready to return to
daily activities


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Helping Children Manage Medical Experiences

The Institute prepares over 50 children a year for eye surgeries and exams, medical treatment, and visits to the doctor.


Parents and Children Together (PACT)

PACT is a monthly family support group for children and youth adjusting to wearing an ocular prosthesis , artificial eye.

Support for Familes

Helping over 200 families a year during time of child’s diagnosis, medical treatment and doctor’s appointments, to regaining a sense of normalcy in their daily lives.


 While playing outside at a neighborhood gathering, Sonny was accidentally shot in the eye by a pellet gun. The pellet caused trauma to the outer membranes of Sonny’s eye, leaving him with pain and loss of vision. Sonny and his father, Mike, were referred to the Institute by the Pediatric Ophthalmologist at the Vison Center, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Mike and Sonny faced the unimaginable, as they made the difficult decision to move forward with surgery, and removal of Sonny’s eye.
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The Institute's founder empathized deeply with the heartache and emotional crisis a child's illness brings; realizing that the whole family is "the patient" and what helps one family member helps the whole family.

Nancy Mansfield, Ph.D
Founding Director, Institute for Families